Prove The ROI

Use this note and cost worksheet to justify your attendance.

Dear [insert your supervisor’s name],

I would like to attend ELEMCON 2018, May 15-17, 2018, at the Denver Marriott Tech Center.

The conference has evolved to become an industry-defining event for energy and environmental specialists. I will learn what’s going on in the industry and how today’s trends can be incorporated into our practices to advance, not only my professional development, but our entire organization’s efforts in this area. I will also find out what people are doing today to tackle challenges like those we face.

In addition, I will meet new vendor partners and learn about the technologies, products, and solutions they are bringing to market.

My projected costs for attending are [insert total cost from worksheet]. This is inclusive of all costs.

ELEMCON is integral to my professional development. Rather than having to attend multiple events throughout the year, this one will cover everything. I will bring back new ideas, best practices, and solutions that we can implement right away. Additionally, I will develop an overview of what I’ve learned and actionable takeaways for the team, so we can work together to move forward.

I hope you will consider my request and grant me approval to attend.

Thank you for your consideration,

[Your Name]

The Environmental Leader & Energy Manager Conference 2018 will be held May 15-17, 2018 at the Denver Marriott Tech Center in Denver, CO.