Day 3 Sessions

Thursday, May 17, 10:40-11:20 am

Goal Setting in Environmental and Sustainability Strategy
Moderator: Ryan McMullan

While every company has goals it wishes to accomplish regarding environmental compliance and sustainability practices, they cannot be managed in a vacuum. At the same time, many companies have affiliated energy management targets as well. Creating a corporate strategy that encompasses all three elements can be tricky even in the best of times.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What is required to balance all the elements required for an all-encompassing environmental and sustainability strategy
  • Which steps one should take to begin to create a coherent strategy
  • When and how to engage C-level executives, investors and other stakeholders in the process

Ryan McMullan, MESM, ZWBA, CSM, has led several sustainability and EHS programs, including Toyota’s corporate responsibility department and Rice University’s facilities & engineering department. He has been instrumental in developing and deploying environmental policy across a variety of functional groups, reporting on environmental progress and greenhouse gas inventories, and developing programs for waste reduction, energy conservation, and water planning.


Track: Compliance & Risk

Aligning energy management goals with the business plan
Al Hildreth, Global Energy Manager, General Motors

Following a model like the EPA’s EnergyStar seven-step approach, many companies are making energy management a vital component of its business model and culture. Based on leadership commitment and public goals to reduce energy and GHG by 20 percent from 2010 to 2020, General Motors is using its standardized global manufacturing system to drive results.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to make energy management a sustainable part of your operations
  • Why measurement and monitoring are key to effective energy conservation
  • What the power of communicating performance and engaging employees can mean to continuous improvement

Al Hildreth oversees all General Motors’ energy management practices, including carbon, energy, and water conservation. Hildreth also manages the teams responsible for energy use at GM’s facilities around the world. He is a co-chair of the Automotive Industry Action Group’s Greenhouse Gas and Water Works Groups, collaborating with OEMs and suppliers on GHG and water reporting and reduction. Hildreth holds a patent for an energy forecasting model and is author of “Analytics for Smart Energy Management,” a college textbook offering tools for energy management in business.



Track: Leadership & Engagement


The “Art of Possible” in IoT and Its Payback
Rajender Singh Beniwal, General Manager, EcoEnergy, a UTC company

It’s been a buzz for a couple of years now. You’ve heard and seen it making an impact on everything you do, from fitness to travel to shopping and more relevant one being in the building controls world. There are various solutions now that claim to optimize your enterprise’s operations and energy managers and executives are in a dilemma on how this will impact your projects and balance sheet. There’s no better way of solving that than by listening to those who have successfully done IoT.

In this panel session, you will:

  • Demystify IoT and understand the setup necessary to use IOT to solve a business problem
  • Discuss the challenges that you might face and how to overcome them
  • Learn how IoT has driven cost reductions whilst enhancing customer service. And how you can build a business case for it with your management.

Rajender Singh Beniwal is the head of sales for North America at EcoEnergy, a business unit of United Technologies. Beniwal is responsible for the go-to-market strategy and execution that includes sales, partnerships and marketing for the Americas region. Prior to EcoEnergy, he was part of Wipro’s management consulting business, where he consulted and worked with many Fortune 500 companies. Before Wipro, Beniwal worked with Omniquad, a UK-based information security company.




Track: Leadership & Engagement


Which Reporting Entity Is the One for Your Company?
Mona Benisi, Senior Director, Sustainability, Simon Property Group

There are multiple ways to report environmental and sustainability measures, and as many reasons to report. How does a company identify its environmental and sustainability goals? How does it then design its message regarding those goals? And what reporting guidelines does it use to tell its story?

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to match the your environmental and sustainability goals with the corrected reporting guidelines
  • Why choosing the correct reporting method is so important
  • What reporting can do to enhance your message to stockholders

Mona Benisi is responsible for the sustainability vision for Simon Property Group, the largest US real estate retail developer and operator, with more than 241 million square feet of gross leasable area in North America and Asia. She leads the company’s sustainability strategy, addressing environmental, economic and social topics across the company portfolio of 207 enclosed malls in 34 states and oversee execution of key initiatives around the company’s policies and approach to addressing climate and emissions, advancing energy efficiency, scaling renewables and energy storage, improving recycling, water conservation and the company’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure.


Track: Materiality & Metrics